Saturday, November 1, 2008

Vivem em nós inúmeros;
Se penso ou sinto, ignoro
Quem é que pensa ou sente.
Sou somente o lugar
Onde se sente ou pensa. *

(Ricardo Reis: Fernando Pessoa)

The Other

Insanity lies waiting
i open the door
voices from the tunnel
call me home
beckon me to join
the collective I AM
a convivial chorus
useless to deny
and so i embrace
voices whose embrace
recalls me to the mother womb
where i float helplessly
among waters of words.
*Endless selves live within us.
When I think or feel I question
Who it is that thinks or feels.
I am nothing more than the place
Where things are thought or felt.

"Indeed, Pessoa's grip on his own self was so tenuous that at one point he took to writing to his old teachers and schoolmates in Durban, posing as the psychiatrist Faustino Antunes, asking for their opinion on the mental state of his patient, Fernando Pessoa who, depending on the letter, had either committed suicide or was under restraint at an asylum. Having no idea who he was, Pessoa hoped to gain some insight from those who knew him."

(Image: Kurt Schwitters, Spring Picture)

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