Friday, November 9, 2007


He saw her bright hair waving on her neck;-- “How beautiful if properly arranged! ”
(Daphne and Apollo, Ovid)

Daphne my dear
you’re beautiful but
that curl would be far more
compelling tossed
casually over the shoulder.
Beautiful but
my dear that dimple
--precious, overstated--
subtlety rules
except when it comes to
The Twins...
Daphne my dear perhaps a tighter tee
would afford a lovelier view,
and those dainty little feet
--delicate shoes--
before we know it
Daphne New Improved.

I know you've dreamed
of days on the lea
spent hunting the prize of the herd
My Dear you've snared
a magnificent catch
--immortals die before me
sacrificial demeanor
breathless with desire
their loss your gain--
Dearest Daphne, I choose you
Delightful in every way
Dare I say "Perfect"

well perhaps...