Sunday, June 17, 2007

Arturo's Adventures in
Post-Atomic Society

Travelling circus
run by Al and lovely Lil
never had a prayer.

Why breed a freak show?
Just go to any mall, or
better yet…the beach.

Why bask in the sun?
Radioactive drugs will
alter the future.

Heroic Arty…
life’s tough with flippers for feet
and a hate-filled heart.

Those mad Arturists
miss the point in their quest for
Purity and peace.

Here a finger, there
a toe...until at last the
very soul is gone.

Even the freaks in
formaldehyde jars knew the
world would end in fire.

A wild, often horrifying, novel about freaks, geeks and other aberrancies of the human condition who travel together (a whole family of them) as a circus. It's a solipsistic funhouse world that makes "normal" people seem bland and pitiful. Arturo the Aqua-Boy, who has flippers and an enormous need to be loved. A museum of sacred monsters that didn't make it. An endearing "little beetle" of a heroine. Sort of like Tod Browning's Freaks crossed with David Lynch and John Irving and perhaps George Eliot -- the latter for the power of the emotions evoked. ( )