Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pale Fire

Anyone interested in the book Pale Fire...or Nabokov in general? My earlier post was not set up to allow comments.

Beowulf (and Ancient Literature)

(Continuation of discussion from NYT Fiction Forum)

We have been discussing the Heaney translation of Beowulf. So far, we have discussed kennings and wordhoards, sources of Beowulf, mythology of various cultures as related to Beowulf, John Grigsby's book, "Beowulf & Grendel" and his theory that Beowulf is a story of one religion being usurped by another, the impact of the Christian religion on Beowulf. Very briefly touched upon Sutton Hoo, Edda, and the role of women in Beowulf.

(McGrail have I missed anything?)

Anything related to Beowulf or the Ancients is fair game.