Friday, September 7, 2007

I've begun a study of Greek, and along with my readings in Ovid, this makes for some very strange dreams.

(for Kristen)

Last night I dreamed
An all-girl bouzouki band
Came to my house…
They didn’t actually play the bouzouki
They stood at the end of my hall
and sang
The conductor was
Plato and
Demeter played diva
The chorus was sublime
I wanted to sing along
But in the end
I found their skirts
Entirely too short.

(apologies for the inside comment: But somehow I'm reminded of the genius we once knew who was impressed by the fact that his musical idol had never taken a lesson....I,IV,V7 HIKE!)

Life as an Ant

Who wept first,
Niobe or Job?
Same story/different boats/
on a
river of time;
not much to do
when the gods call the shots.
One day they're angry,
next day they're bored;
Lassitude creeps in--
the urge to toss the dice...

Men cry for justice
(as if we ever gave a thought

to the families
of the ants we squash)
Men question/
shed tears/
dress themselves in pity/
turn to prayer.
The immortals shrug and walk away
--- better things to do---

Eternity looms large,
even in the mind of a god.

Image ~ Oldřich Kulhánek /Job/ lithograph2002