Friday, October 12, 2007

Sonora Webster Carver, horse diver, Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, Atlantic City. 1904-2003.

Notes on a Death at Ninety-nine

Sonora walks through

the tackroom,
looking back on a life well-lived,
the nature of miracles.
Blind men see

paralytics walk,
Answered prayer--
what purpose when
the masses applaud the ordinary

and the sacred becomes a circus.
Most open their eyes
to greet the new day
but take for granted
the wonder of a sunrise or
a single yellow flower
bending in the breeze.

Sonora Sees
with her heart--
Seizes the moment
when the horse runs by.

Grabs onto life
with bare hands
Riding high whole unstoppable,
Sonora looks over her shoulder
and winks at the wind.