Monday, July 2, 2007

Andromeda: On Love

Here's Ruben's rendering of the Perseus and Andromeda myth. Beautiful, lush. Perseus, with the head of Medusa as his secret weapon, looks unbreakable. And things go well until the wedding feast. But what does Andromeda make of it all?


In Ovid, love is easy.
The hero spies a maiden
This one chained to a rock
He swoops to conquer
A dragon
Or a God
what difference
She sees the end in advance
And so doesn’t mind
Being chained to a pot full of beans
Or her baby’s new shoes
Certainly better than
Being ravaged by a dragon
And if not,
No worse.
But then the neighbors
Come calling…
The not in my backyarders
Old loves armed with swords
Who never stop to ask
If she wants to be saved.
Her father falls
her mother one more widow
mourning senseless tragedy...
But love is easy
chained to a hero
who turns all comers to stone,
And never once pauses
To drop his smile.