Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Adonis II

Listen up Adonis--
Word on the street
you were always
your mamma’s boy
torn from the tree
kicking and screaming
tearing the bark
breaking the heart
of the goddess.

Grow up Adonis--
Word on the street
you got to learn to be a man
your mamma’s tears were wasted
tied up in that tree
no word to pass about those
afternoons in the lap
of the goddess
no way to tell you that
decadence kills.

Heads up Adonis--
Word on the street
you can’t tame the Hog
Aphrodite got it right
you're a flower in the wind.
Word on the street?
Radical alteration
Transformation with a
Capital T--
so to speak.

Check it out Adonis
Word on the
Say what Sweet Adonis?
What's the word out on the Street?
Direful news Adonis
Word on the street--
Adonis is done in disaster.