Thursday, June 5, 2008


We should have had an inkling
when the geese refused to fly.
Saturdays we’d trudge through newfell snow,
we'd skate across the frozen lake
listening in the distance for the sound of
plaintive cries and the sense
shadow overheard.

October November
on into December
they cried until the solstice
and an early morning call,
they cried until a cold voice.
We spent the day in bed
hiding under quilts and covers.
We spent the day in silence
because if you don’t say,
it isn’t so.

Next day we struggled into
worn flannels boots and down.
We trudged through a field
of untouched snow
stepped out onto the lake,
ears accosted by an empty wind
accompanied only
by the sound
of silence.

(Image: Picasso, Blue Nude)